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About the guest house

The pension is situated in the heart of Mazuria − a land of remarkable beauty, which took its name after its ancient inhabitants: the Mazurs. The pension is located at the lake shore, which  forms a part of the famous Krutynia River kayak trail.

KIPNICK is situated in Spychowo village, named Pupen before the war (in German: Puppets). The name was changed in the 60s  after the local inhabitants protested against dissonant tone the commonly used name Pupy. For many centuries, the settlement was a stronghold at the important commercial and war trail along the border with Mazovia. In the 15th century, the castle erected at the place of the stronghold was rebuilt into a hunting palace visited by Prussian princes. The fantastic variety of fauna and flora even seduce the Polish kings that went to visit Pupy. Our pension will offers a view on the historical place where the hunting palace once stood and a privileged access to the neighboring forests that are still generous for hunters.

KIPNICK − the name that is strange to the ear − is connected with the history of the region. In 1698, at the territory of a dense wild forest Puszcza Jańsborska (their remaining fragment are now called Puszcza Piska), at the peninsula between the lakes Zyzdrój Mały and Zyzdrój Wielki, two settlers from Mazovia, Kipnik and Kania, founded a village that after many years held the name of KIPNICK (the spelling of the name was in German fasion ). Count and countess Wyszomirscy and their descendants  then became the owners of the area. For almost one hundred centuries, they led an idyllic life in the middle of a wild forest. Nowadays, at the place of old KIPNICK a forest is growing, and a lonely tomb of the last owners, Henriette and Johan Wyszomirski, is looming among the trees. Our pension lies 3 kilometers south of this place.

Over the last hundred years, the name KIPNICK remained only in the memory of foresters, fishermen and hunters. To preserve the trace of the remarkable and genuine history of the region, we decided to give that name to our pension. In this way, all admirers of Mazuria will be able to associate the name KIPNICK with an exceptional beauty of nature fostering astonishing landscapes and unrivaled peaceful and comfortable resting moments.

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